Democratic School Manje

Our Three Key Pillars


At Manje, children are trusted to learn what they need on their own. No one wants to ruin their life. We believe it is her/his right as an individual to decide how to live her/his life.


We decide everything about our school in a democratic way. Students make rules to make their school life comfortable, plan field trips, annual schedule of the school and so on. We even decide our annual budget and condition of staff employment together.


There are no teacher-made-programs. Students are responsible to decide how to spend their time at school. We believe learning is a delight when not forced. We trust kids’ natural curiosity and ability to grow by themselves. And support what they want to do.

What is “Democratic School” ?

Democratic school is a kind of alternative school which is run in a democratic way. 

A direct model of Manje is Grassroots School in FL, America. which is based on the idea of Summerhill School in the U.K.
We also share ideas with Sudbury Valley School in MA, America. There are now a lot of  “Sudbury Schools” in many countries.